The Association Costa del Sole was founded in 1998 to valorise and safeguard the western coast of the island, that goes from Colle d'Orano to Cavoli – with its characteristic villages such as Colle d'Orano, Pomonte, Chiessi and Seccheto, and its most touristic places such as Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia.

This coast is undoubtedly the more renowned and appreciated coast by the tourist that visit the island, and at the same time it is also an extremely delicate habitat that needs to be valorised and safeguarded for future generations.

On the basis of this aim our Association in the last 10 years has been characterized by a growth of eco-compatible tourism, of value of the old traditions and of the remaining historical and cultural evidences of the area.

Our Association is composed of about 20 family-run businesses (most of which are hotels) situated along the 10km of the Costa del Sole.

As part of the Association there are also some renowned and valuable firms that have been operating on the territory for a long time such as Il Viottolo (excursion centre), the wine producer Terre del Granito, Profumi dell'Elba and Hydra (Institute of marine sciences – in Fetovaia).