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peaceful village of fishermen preserved from time and tourism
Hotel Corallo in Pomonte - Costa del Sole

Hotel Corallo

Via del Passatoio 45 - 57030 Marciana (LI)

Our is a small and pretty hotel at the centre of the town of Pomonte, one of the most characteristic places of Costa del Sole, on the western coast of the island. We are only a few meters away from the beautiful granite reef...

Hotel da Sardi - Elba Island - Tuscany

Hotel Sardi

Via del Mare - 57030 Marciana (LI)

The hotel is only a few meters away from the pebble beach and from the granite reef that dips into the clear sea, where in the evening it is possible to admire unforgettable sunsets ...

Estate Agency 'La tua Casa sul Mare'

Agenzia 'La tua Casa sul Mare'

Via degli Oleandri n. 8 - 57030 Marciana (LI)

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday in contact with nature, we suggest you a house or a flat on Elba Island, in a small town of the Costa del Sole: Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia, Pomonte, Chiessi or Colle d'Orano ...

Restaurant Pizzeria Sofie

Via del Passatoio - 57030 Marciana (LI)

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