Pomonte and the Elviscott wreck

A town dominated by a beautiful valley that rises up the the top of the Monte Capanne; once it was covered with vineyards and vegetables gardens. The origin of the town go back to the Etruscan, of which numerous remains of iron made objects have been found in the area.

From Pomonte start various trekking paths that reach the ridge of the mountains that allow you to reach the nearby towns and not least the top of Monte Capanne.

Pomonte is both near to the sea, with two small pebble beaches and white flat reefs, as well as all the essential amenities of the small town.

Only 16 metres below the water lies the Elviscott wreck, a cargo ship which sunken in 1972, now an attraction for snorkeling and diving lovers.

Here there are a few hotels and restaurants, as well as a bank, post office and various stores.